Crystal Woman: The Sisters of the Dreamtime

By Lynn V. Andrews
Published: May 1st 1989
MyDreamsbook rating: 409

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Lynn Andrews, bestselling author of Star Woman and Jaguar Woman, continues her "chronicle of the spirit" with an extraordinary journey to th e wilderness of Central Australia, where she discovers the power of crystals. In an account that strains credibility, Andrews describes her purported adventures in the Australian outback with her mentor Agnes Whistling Elk, an aboriginal shamaness named Ginevee, various sorcerers and spirits. The bizarre psychic world she paints in overly lyrical prose will be familiar to readers of her popular Star Woman and Jaguar Woman. Dolphins transmit a dream-vision to her via a eucalyptus tree that acts as an antenna; she peers through magic crystals inside her mind; encounters with hostile spirits test her spiritual powers. Among the lessons she learns are that we create our enemies within ourselves and that each of us must balance female and male energies. The narrative includes no photographs, annotations or documentation. 65,000 first printing; author tour.