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Arica is a port city in northern Chile, located only 18 km (11 miles) south of the border with Peru. The site of Arica was inhabited by different native ... Jump to: navigation, search. Arica may refer to: ... Retrieved from "". Category: Disambiguation ... Oscar Ichazo presents the Arica theory and method for the definitive analysis of the human psyche and the achievement of pristine enlightenment. Arica is Chiles northernmost city, a duty-free oasis and the gateway to archaeological and natural wonders in Lauca National Park, the geoglyphs at Putre, ... Arica spreads out at the foot of El Morro Hill, the site of a major battle of the Peruvian War (1879-83). Today, the hill is a national historic monument, ... Britannica online encyclopedia article on Arica: city, northern Chile. The city lies along the Pacific coast, at the foot of El Morro (a precipitous ...