China Pet and Chem

China Pet and Chem

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China Pet and Chem... ( Discuss )


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#4 China Pet & Chem (Sinopec). Oil & gas operations. Sales:, $99.0 bil, Assets:, $65.8 bil. Profits:, $5.1 bil, Market Value:, $59.3 bil ... Title:, Value Graph: CHINA PET & CHEM -- SNP. Document Size:, 1 page. Price:, $4. Document Type:, Adobe Acrobat Reader SHANGHAI: China has found two companies here guilty of intentionally exporting contaminated pet food ingredients to the United States, the government ... SHANGHAI: A second industrial chemical that regulators have found in contaminated pet food in the United States may also have been intentionally added to ... Yet in China, the mildly toxic chemical melamine is commonly used in animal ... Chinese wheat gluten containing melamine was blamed in a wave of pet deaths ... There may be an economical boom in China, but do cheap products respect consumers ... By knowing the exact chemical combination, imported pet food will be ...