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Prince, from the Latin root princeps, is a title of some members of Royal families and the highest ranks of the aristocracy or the nobility, and was used as a term for monarchs in general.... ( Discuss )


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Continue 2 Prince Rogers Nelson (born June 7, 1958, in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an American funk musician. He uses the stage name Prince but has also been known by ... For the musician, see Prince (musician). For the racquet sports brand, see Prince Sports. For the novel by Sonya Hartnett, see Princes (novel). ..., along with other prominent Prince fansites housequake and princefams, has been sent a "DMCA takedown notice" and at least two "Cease and Desist" ... Prince is the leading manufacturer of tennis racquets, tennis shoes and tennis strings; Speedport racquet, O3 racquets, Maria Sharapova plays O3 White. The official website of Prince and the NPG. ... - Official Home of PRINCE.