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From the left: Vorderrhein | Thur | Töss | Glatt | Aare | Birs | Birsig | Ill | Sauer | Lauter | Queich | Speyerbach | Rehbach | Isenach | Eckbach | Eisbach | Pfrimm | S... ( Discuss )


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May be you better vote for

Portland-Vancouver, Tucson, Palm Beach, Sitka, Azerbaijan


The Ruhr Area, also called simply Ruhr, (German Ruhrgebiet, colloquial Ruhrpott, Kohlenpott or Pott) is an urban area in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, ... For the conurbation see Ruhr Area. This river is not to be confused with the river Rur, in western North Rhine-Westphalia, Belgium and Netherlands. ... The French and Belgian governments responded by sending in troops to the Ruhr, the main centre of Germanys coal, iron and steel production. ... Britannica online encyclopedia article on Ruhr: river and major industrial region along its course, North Rhine-Westphalia Land (state), western Germany. From local best to international research excellence: The Ruhr-Universit Ruhr-Universit