Walter Piston

Walter Piston

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Walter Hamor Piston Jr. was an American composer and theorist.... ( Discuss )


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His fathers father, a sailor named Antonio Pistone, changed his name to Anthony Piston when he came to America from Genoa, Italy. In 1905, Walter Piston ... For the American composer, see Walter Piston. For the use of the term in optics, see piston (optics). For the heavy metal band, see Pist.On. ... Biography, key works, selected discography, links. Walter Piston, the grandson of an Italian seaman (the original family name was Pistone), was born in Maine in 1894. The family settled in Boston in 1904, ... PBS article includes biography, quotes from Leroy Anderson and Leonard Bernstein, compliments on his teaching ability, and mention of his textbooks. Walter Piston Classical music and classical hit collection. Compilations of Walter Piston classics and listen to its finest classical music Walter Piston ...